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Hi - it was great to meet you and Spider at the herding trial. Best of luck in all your herding adventures.
NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-1NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-2NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-3NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-4NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-5NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-6NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-7NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-8NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-9NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-10NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-11NBP_Spider Ada A Sheep Sun-12NBP_Spider Adv A Sheep Sat-1NBP_Spider Adv A Sheep Sat-2NBP_Spider Adv A Sheep Sat-3NBP_Spider Adv A Sheep Sat-4NBP_Spider Adv A Sheep Sat-5NBP_Spider Adv A Sheep Sat-6NBP_Spider Adv A Sheep Sat-7NBP_Spider Adv A Sheep Sat-8