Dog Photography & Training Services

I currently provide the following services: pet photography and coming soon, private dog lessons. 

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Pet Portrait Photography

I am incredibly blessed to combine my knowledge, experience and passion in my pet photography.   I've successfully worked with hundreds of dogs at every level of training (including no formal training at all) and numerous personality types (outgoing, shy) and can utilize this experience in capturing the bond that your share and best tells your dog's story.    Sessions can be held at your home or on location.  Email for pricing packages.


Dog Sport Event Photography

I have served as the official sanctioned photographer at numerous dog sporting events.  Not only do I capture great action shots, but my photographs also capture those candid moments where the team's relationship shine.  If you are a trial or show secretary, please inquire via email at [email protected]


Private Puppy Classes (coming soon)

Congratulations on your new puppy!  These next few months will be the most rewarding and challenging as your puppy grows and learns how to behave in the world.  Are you looking to survive puppyhood?  Is your new puppy nipping, having potty accidents, putting everything in the mouth, jumping, and engaging in other typical puppy antics?   I can relate as I just recently survived all those things raising my puppy!   

COVID-19 has made it hard to find in-person group classes – but you need help now!  I provide private, customized training in your home that can help you survive puppyhood and create a life-long relationship built on trust and cooperation.  I utilize positive reinforcement and fear-free methods.  Whether you want a hiking partner, a social companion for urban outings, or a sport competitor, I can create a customized curriculum for you.  I observe COVID-19 guidelines including social distancing and face mask compliance. 


Adult Good Manners Private Class (coming soon)

Congratulations on adopting an adult dog!  COVID-19 has made it harder to find in-person group classes to learn basic manners.  But you need help now!  I can help by offering private, customized training in your home to help your newly-adopted dog integrate into society with polite manners, or set the foundation for dog sport competition.  Training curriculum is based on positive-reinforcement, fear-free methods.  I observe COVID-19 guidelines including social distancing and face mask compliance.