I am Jenny Nunn and live in Reston, VA with my husband and three dogs, including a new puppy!  My interest in dog training began when I adopted a fear-aggressive dog from a local shelter in 2001.  The shelter referred me to a "conventional" trainer whose solution was to jerk on his choke chain collar 10 times any time he growled or lunged.  I left in tears, promising my dog there had to be a better way.  And there was!  I found out about positive reinforcement training, and once I started using it on my own fear-aggressive dog with dramatic results, I never looked back.  So I thought: why not help others?

I graduated from the San Francisco Academy for Dog Trainers' Certificate of Counseling course in 2002 and became a Certified Pet Dog Trainer in 2004. In 2020, I became a Pat Miller Certified Trainer 2 (PMCT2) and a Certified Fear Free Professional.  I have also volunteered many hours assisting a local dog rescue group. 

My own dogs also led me to discover the love of competitive dog sports, and I have competed for many years with my dogs in canine freestyle, disc, rally, Fast CAT and barn hunt.

My interest in dog training and dog competition led me to photography.  Over the years, while training many dogs and competing against many teams, I have learned to identify and appreciate a dog's true personality and the unique bond between dog and owner.  Why not capture that personality and bond for others in photographs; whether it's gazing into each other's eyes, executing a perfect freestyle routine, or playing tug?

To book Nunn Better Photos for your dog sporting event or private portrait session, please contact us via email [email protected].  Consideration given to sporting events outside the immediate service area.