Please note that ALL event proofs posted in the Dog Event galleries are “straight out of the camera” with minimal editing done.  Any purchased digital images will be cropped and edited as needed and will have the Nunn Better watermark in the lower left corner.  Digital images suitable for all social media purposes.  Pricing information appears on each Dog Event Gallery page.  For a PDF version of these instructions, click here.  

  1. Go to and click “Dog Events” and find your event gallery.  I should have all dogs’ individual galleries available within 3-5 business days of the event. 
  2. Wtihin the event gallery, click on your dog’s gallery of proofs.  As you move the cursor over each image, a heart icon appears in the upper left corner. 
  3. To purchase an image, click on the heart icon for the image.  This will create a “Favorite.” 
  4. For the first image selected, a pop-up box will appear asking you to log in or create an account with ZenFolio to proceed.  Creating an account allows me to be notified of your selection. 
  5. After creating an account and/or logging in, a second popup box will appear.  Click on the first radio button to “create a new set of Favorites”.  Please create a name for your selection of favorites for this event (HINT: your last name and name of event).
  6. Click “ADD PHOTOS”. 
  7. Continue adding as many images as you would like to purchase. 
  8. If you own multiple dogs, you can then go to their gallery and repeat steps 2 and 3.  When the pop-up box appears, select “continue adding photos to the current set” so all your images will be together.  Continue through steps 6-7.
  9. When done, click on your "My Selection" Favorite Set name for this event.  This appears in the top left corner of the webpage. 
  10. From here, you can:
    • View all favorites you want to purchase
    • Delete ones you no longer want (move cursor over the image and then click on the “X” in upper right-hand corner)
    • Add additional images (hit the back button to return to gallery and repeat step 6 (you will notice your list # changed to reflect the newly added images)
      • Repeat step 7
  11. Click on the “Share Favorite” button in top right-hand corner when your final selection is complete.  This automatically notifies me of your selection.
  12. That’s all needed to place the order.  I will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours that your order has been received.  If you have not received an email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder.
  13. Once post-processing is complete, you will receive an email invoice (to the email provided) via Square or PayPal for payment from [email protected]
  14. Upon receipt of payment, the cropped and edited will be emailed to you (either one per email or a zip file) or sent via Dropbox shared folder.  The purchased digital images are suitable for all social media needs. 
  15. Receipt of payment will confirm your agreement to the copyright licensing terms and conditions listed on the invoice (personal use only).  
  16. Enjoy.  If you have any questions or complications, please email me at [email protected]